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How Businesses Are Thriving With Purpose And Systems Thinking

Source | | Rob Dube

Profits matter in business. Without profit and cash, organizations simply can’t survive. But, without purpose, business can seem empty. 

Today, more people than ever believe so, and they’re championing a growing movement. For an organization to thrive, business leaders must think beyond numbers alone. They need to focus on people, purpose, and the planet.

One leader spearheading this movement on an international scale is Tom Rippin. Tom has served his career with major nonprofits including Comic Relief, and (RED) which was founded by Bobby Shriver and Bono to combat the AIDS pandemic. 

Tom is currently the founder and CEO of On Purpose, an organization designed to help leaders discover how they can positively impact the world, no matter their size or industry. Here, Tom and his team go farther than simply promoting the virtues of purpose-driven initiatives and enterprises—they develop brilliant business strategies about creating work that sparks real, positive change and a more robust economy.

“If we’re going to bring about this better, healthier economy,” Tom says. “It’s going to take change from all of us. It’ll take change coming from all angles and types of organizations.”

Why Purpose-Driven Businesses Matter

First off, what does purpose mean when it comes to business? “Purpose is the reason you’re doing this,” says Tom. It’s how your business and your leadership will contribute to the greater good and to something bigger than themselves.

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