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How can Digital Process Automation raise your employee productivity?, ETHRWorld |

By V. Balakrishnan

Much like the individuals of the 21st century, businesses and organisations can also stake a claim in being modernized. Why? On account of the adoption of technological advancements to enhance and optimize everyday processes and operations.

With the advent of cutting-edge technologies such as AI, machine learning, deep learning, big data analytics, etc., modern enterprises have been able to drive numerous positive transformations and unlock lucrative business outcomes. These include delivering superior customer as well as employee experience, creating and exploring innovative growth avenues, developing efficiencies, reducing cost of operations and maximising productivity and profitability.

A tangible reflection of the transformation at organisations that embark on the digital journey comprises the implementation of Digital Process Automation (DPA) to streamline workflow management. Simply put, it involves the digitisation of key processes and exchange of information with Line of Business applications to enable the free flow of information across verticals with the automation of manual, repetitive tasks. This ensures that customers and employees – both customer-facing and those managing back-office operations – can access every relevant information even before the requirement arises. Some of the key advantages of DPA include:Saves time
DPA involves digitising the documents, manual workflows, business…

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