How Can Entrepreneurs Build the Right Team

Source | Entrepreneur : By Sanchita Dash

When an entrepreneur starts building the blocks for his/her big start-up idea, an essential element in doing it right is having the right team. But while we all focus on the entrepreneur’s first journey as a business owner, there’s one detail we often forget. It’s also the first time as a boss for him/her.

For any early stage entrepreneur, it’s important to have a functioning team in place – one that works together for a common goal. Having a good team ensures that work is done faster and better.

Entrepreneur India spoke to experts from the industry about how can start-up founders get their team right and be the “perfect” boss.

Hire Right

While starting up, it’s not just the founder who’s working hard. Along with him/her, is the founding team which puts in equal working hours and has the same amount of passion for the product. Kanika Jain, co-founder, Squad, said that for them it was important to hire right. They had a framework in place called “Fit Intent Capability”. “We needed people who are capable of delving deep into a subject while also being smart enough to handle a crisis situation. Next, we wanted people who have the right intent, so we asked the potential hires why they want to join the company. Thirdly, we wanted people who were fit or capable of gelling into the insane working hours of a start-up,” she said.

A lot of companies hire wrong and learn it the hard way. So, it’s important to have a framework in place while hiring right from the start.

Prasanth Garapati, founder of Commut, too did the same error. But now at Commut, they have proper Standard operating procedures and due diligence done before hiring someone. However, he believes it’s not just about the credentials. “They need to have the fire in their belly. We don’t just look at the colleges they come from. In fact, we have many fresh graduates who are doing well. It’s important for the founder to remember that the team can make or break his/her idea,” he said.


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