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  • Understand that facing tough decisions is better than indecision
  • Learn the powerful 6-step decision-making model, OOC/EMR
  • Access the free Four Rules of Decision-Making audio resource

Tough decisions exist everywhere in our lives. From which car to buy to whether or not to quit your day job to start a new venture to staying or leaving a difficult relationship, tough decisions can be very overwhelming and stressful. If you don’t have a system for making these decisions, you often procrastinate and avoid making them or make rash decisions that lead to a host of problems. The key is to have a proven process to use when tough decisions crop up. 


Tough decisions examples reveal themselves at every stage of our lives, no matter what stage of life we’re in, where we live or the career path we’ve chosen. Here are just a few examples of tough decisions you may face:

  • Choosing a college major
  • Choosing to go back to get a higher degree after joining the workforce
  • Choosing which state or city to live in
  • Choosing to marry or stay independent
  • Choosing whether or not (or when) to have children
  • Choosing to move aging parents into retirement communities
  • Choosing to get a divorce or work on an unhappy or unhealthy relationship
  • Choosing to stay an employee or start your own business
  • Choosing to be a stay-at-home parent or continue working
  • Choosing to remove yourself from your current peer group
  • Choosing whether to retire or continue working
  • Choosing who to hire and who to fire

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