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How can we better prepare the next generation of leaders?

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As Simon Sinek once said, “Leadership is not about the next election — it’s about the next generation.”

As the leader of a company, you’re responsible for steering the ship. You’re tasked with shaping the company’s vision, and you assume responsibility for its fate. For some, doing this alone may seem preferable — but it’s not sustainable.

In fact, as your company grows, one of your most important jobs will be identifying and preparing its next generation of leaders — those who can help turn your ship into an armada and ensure that your long-term vision for the company remains intact.

It’s not easy, and the steps required won’t always seem comfortable or intuitive. But it’s critical to your company’s ultimate success.

Here’s how you prepare the next generation of leaders to be ready to take the wheel.

1.  Identify candidates with leadership potential

Before I joined Aditya, I worked for a man named Krish, who remains my role model to this day. Almost everything I know about leadership, I learned from him. He taught me the importance of taking responsibility and of showcasing empathy when working with others.

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