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How can we make customers prefer to work with us?

By | Sridhar Ramanathan

I quote from the preface of the book

“In a tough market, how do you win more than your share of business? How do you outperform competitors who are as capable as you are? How do you differentiate your company and products when your rivals copy your innovations nearly as fast as you can innovate? How in the toughest global market the world has ever seen, do you build and sustain enough distinctive value to avoid brutal price competition?”

The authors use the term “Behavioral Differentiation” (BD) to talk about how the concept has made a difference to many companies. I hasten to add that this book was written almost 10 years ago – well before the pandemic. However I believe many of the concepts that the authors talk about could be relevant today.

Chapter 1: The final differentiator – describes the Harley Davidson Journey – differentiating yourself through behaviour

Chapter 2 We will assimilate you – talks about ‘The Entropic Action Of Markets’, ‘The Dynamics of Differentiation’, and the Nine Domains of Differentiation ( 1. Product Uniqueness 2. Distribution 3. Product Market Segmentation 4. Customer service/ After Sales Service 5. Breadth of offerings 6. Brand 7. Size/Market Dominance 8. Price 9. Behaviour)

Chapter 3. You are how you behave

Chapter 4. The Four Ways To Create Behavioral Differentiation

Chapter 5. The Gold Standards in Behavioral Differentiation

Chapter 6. Random Acts of Kindness

Chapter 7. Exceptional Values

Chapter 8. Living the Promise

Chapter 9. The Engines That Drive Behavioral Differentiation

Chapter 10: Why Southwest Airlines Soars: B2C Behavioural Differentiation

Chapter 11: Searching for the Stars: B2B Behavioral Differentiation

Chapter 12: Creating and Sustaining Behavioral Differentiation

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