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How Can you Obtain a Hazmat Endorsement?

By | Darialamital

Do you want to get a CDL HazMat endorsement as a seasoned commercial truck driver? This article aims to help you learn more about a HazMat license and how to get a HazMat endorsement, whether you are still researching or are ready to begin studying for the exam.

Why is a HazMat Endorsement Beneficial?

The benefits of getting a HazMat endorsement likely are what got you interested in getting it in the first place, so we will go over some of the main benefits drivers gravitate towards.

Increased salaries

Obtaining a HazMat endorsement sticker generally results in a salary increase due to the additional risks of transporting hazardous materials.

Boost your resume

You can make your resume outstanding from the crowd by adding a HazMat endorsement. For new drivers who are applying, this is especially helpful since it demonstrates initiative and allows you to be a more versatile employee.

Other CDL endorsements are possible

If you are getting or already have your HazMat endorsement, you might also want to consider getting your tanker endorsement. A tanker endorsement (N) is classified as an X endorsement combined with a HazMat endorsement (H).

With a tanker endorsement, you can make even more money per mile by carrying 119 gallons of liquid gas or hazardous liquid.

HazMat Endorsement Process

HazMat endorsements often take a considerable amount of time, so you must be patient throughout the process. Below is a simplified explanation of the requirements for a HazMat endorsement and how to obtain one.

  • Citizenship or naturalization as an American
  • Have a permanent residence or a nonimmigrant visa
  • Have lawful status as a refugee or asylee
  • Make sure you’re physically fit for the job by passing a vision test and medical exam
  • You must have a United States CDL

When you meet all the requirements, you will first be required to undergo a TSA Security Threat Assessment, a careful background check designed to ensure the safety of transporting hazardous materials.  Since it has been completed, you will need to study for, take, and pass the DMV written exam for Hazardous Materials CDL knowledge. All the above criteria will need to be met to earn your HazMat Endorsement.

Upon earning your HazMat license, you will be able to use it for the next five years. Your endorsement must renew every year by submitting an application, undergoing another TSA background check, completing a re-submitting fingerprinting process, and paying the associated fees. You may also have to retake the written exam, depending on your state.

Is it worth getting a Hazmat Endorsement?

Almost always, if you are serious about building your career as a truck driver, it is worth getting the HazMat endorsement along with other endorsements such as the tanker endorsement. Since endorsements can open so many doors for drivers, we always encourage them to stack up against their endorsements as best as they can.

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