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How Can You Show Power and Assertiveness with Body Language?

By | Khyati Gupta Babbar | Santulan Behavioural Sciences

We all want to come across as powerful, authoritative and in control of our lives. Below you will learn tips on how to use your body language to feel and show power. Please do remember, use your body language powers for good and not evil 🙂

  1. steeple is a very powerful gesture of self-assuredness.

    When we bring our hands up near our chest and press the tips of our fingers together we form a steeple. Use the steeple especially when you are listening to another person talking.

  2. Your accessories are a part of your non-verbal communication and play an important role in showing authentic power. Powerful people who are in control of themselves do not carry a lot of items on themselves. Consolidate your laptop bag, purse and tiffin into one neat bag and you will come across as more organized and efficient, which is a trait of powerful leaders.
  3. Take up space. Yes, powerful people take up more space in a room. They expand their shoulders, their head is held high and their feet are usually slightly apart and firmly planted on the ground. The more space we take the more powerful we feel.
  4. Give the power gaze to show that you are authoritative and mean business. (Check out Indra Nooyi’s power gaze in this picture)

    The power gaze is when our eyes move around a person’s eye-eye-forehead. But avoid the Judge Judy look, which is to peer over your glasses. Non-verbally this is a signal of superiority and distances the other person from you.

  5. To smile or not to smile? This is a question which is asked very often. “Will people take me seriously if I smile?” Well, the truth is that a genuine smile not just shows warmth but also helps you come across as more competent and self-assured. (Ratan Tata’s genuine smile)

    On the other hand a fake smile is a clear sign of nervousness or weakness.

  6. Avoid being a bobble head. We make a very common mistake specially when meeting a potential client where we are very eager to please them. To show that we agree with them we nod our head too much and too fast. This is called over-nodding or being a bobble head. You must nod, only when you agree with someone else you can come across as a yes-man.
  7. Stand to make your presentation. This is very helpful in boardroom meetings and large presentations. When you stand and speak you are at a height advantage. In addition, it also makes you feel more confident and in-charge of your words.

Republished with permission and originally published at Khyati Gupta Babbar’s Linkedin

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