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How can you use TikTok for marketing your brand?

By | Karen Anthony

Despite their deep love for Instagram, many Instagrammers are migrating to TikTok, which offers more options to users to showcase their creativity. The prime reason for the soaring popularity of TikTok in less than 4 years has convincingly raced ahead of all other social media channels, including its nearest rival Instagram, which has been the doyen of photo and video sharing app for a decade. TikTok has an incredible appeal among young people, mostly around 20 years, with teenagers coming a close second.

Keep this aspect in mind when you buy TikTok fans so that you are aware of the demographics that should match with your marketing goals. Therefore, even if you buy real fans, which should be your primary target, judge the demographics of fans you are buying to ascertain whether the audience matches your target audience’s idea.

To achieve the most comprehensive outreach TikTok is the preferred platform because of its massive network of 800 million active users as of January 2020.  There is every likelihood of a considerable section of your target audience using TikTok. To be in close touch with them for your marketing needs, you must include TikTok within your marketing plan. When used in conjunction with Instagram, TikTok can form a formidable marketing force because you can target the widest section of the audience comprising of teenagers and Gen Z   that crowd TikTok along with the millennials and Gen Y that are more comfortable on Instagram.

Align the demographics

If your target audience is in the age group of 16-24 years, then you must explore TikTok for marketing to tap into the vast audience of 328 million, which constitutes 41% of the user base. Although there is no data available about the next group of 24-30 years, it is safe to assume that it will be attractive for marketers.

If your products or services cut across the gender line right from the middle, it becomes a reason for choosing TikTok because males (56%) and females (44%) are almost equally fond of the app.

With TikTok, you can reach out to iPhone and Android users in equal measure as both types of users are have the same kind of fondness for the app.Therefore, TikTok has no parallel if you are targeting a young audience under their thirties.

Choose between influencer marketing and original content

To create a marketing strategy on TikTok, you have two options – create original content or work with influencers. What you choose must match with your overall marketing strategy and whether you are using only TikTok or also some other social media channels along with it.

TikTok provides enormous opportunities for influencer marketing

Influencers abound the TikTok platform as they have a great time out there growing their fan base by showcasing their creativity. You find many creative and fun activities on TikTok, which immensely attract people and generate engagement. Choose the influencers who you feel can help to achieve your marketing goals and build relationships with them to create a partnership to launch an influencer marketing campaign for your products or services. Customers that you gain from influencer marketing are ready to trust your brand based on influencers’ recommendation that deeply impacts their decision to align with the brand, explore it in more detail or make some purchase. The instant trust for the brand is a vast marketing reward that pays back well in the long run.

Kick-off your influencer marketing campaign

To succeed withinfluencer marketing on TikTok, stick to the basics by recognizing that relevance is more important than reach.  It should help to choose the right influencers who can sway the audience in your favor. Avoid influencers attached to large accounts and brands because not only are they expensive to work with, but their references to your brand might not always elicit the right responses from their followers. Wasted efforts and funds can be highly frustrating.

To locate influencers, use the Discover tab to find out the people who are posting popular content (videos) in your niche on TikTok by using keywords related to the products, services, or the industry. Shortlist the users with the most popular videos and having massive followers.Keep following them closely to determine how much suitable these people would be to promote your brand effectively. Also, look at the videos associated with the keywords you can view at Discover>Top.

Despite the TikTok algorithm’s opacity about which the public does not know much, creating powerful content alone can help gain virality. Keep an eye on micro-influencers who might have tremendous potential to make it big someday despite being in the nascent stage.     Developing relationships with them can pay back well in the long run.

Bank on original content

It might sound a bit daring to woo the audience with original content on TikTok that is very much yours and have the signs of originality, but the task is not much difficult if you have the creative traits and know what you are up to. Indeed, it will take a lot of time and resources to give shape to your ideas, but if you know how to do it, there are high chances that the content will not only resonate with the audience but might also go viral.

Create a plan for developing shareable content that can become popular by going with the trend. Know what is trending by going to the Discover page and identify trending hashtags. Draw inspiration but never copy and create a version of your own that bears some of your business elements. Create a silly or funny theme and goes well with the spirit of the app that has comedic overtures.

Although TikTok does not allow advertising, you can be innovative with TikTok challenges, which provide a novel approach to connect with the audience and serve the purpose of advertising but in a more creative manner. Participate in an existing and popular TikTok challenge that can help to gain clout for your brand.

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