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How Collaboration And Purpose Are Fueling The Growth Of Market Ecosystems

Source | | Ron Carucci

This year’s Global Peter Drucker Forum, The Power of Ecosystems, held in Vienna on November 21-22, is gathering some of the world’s luminary thought leaders to discuss one of the most dynamic marketplace challenges and opportunities of our time: an economy of ecosystems. In a previous GPDF19 blog, I wrote about building integrity into ecosystems by ensuring strategic value and clear governance.  In this article, I will focus on the power of ecosystems to drive new forms of collaboration and purpose. In my 15-year longitudinal study on honesty and purpose, when collaboration across boundaries was deficient, organizations were six times more likely to have people lie or withhold the truth. In an ecosystem where multiple organizations, in some contexts competitors, fail to collaborate effectively to realize emerging market opportunities, the potential for integrity failure likely intensifies. The risks and opportunities, then, make taking the mandate that much more seriously. Says Dr. Richard Straub, Director of the Global Peter Drucker Forum, “Ecosystems are everywhere, not confined to natural environments — increasingly, we see businesses, public sector institutions, and third-sector organizations all moving beyond their traditional operational borders and creating or participating in new, flexible, and adaptive networks of enterprises jointly pursuing ambitious purposes.”

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