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How collaboration tech is changing for the new hybrid era

The smart use of collaborative tools will be essential to successful hybrid setups

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To say a lot has changed since the onset of COVID-19 is an understatement. How we live, work and function as a society has undergone a complete overhaul and included in this are how organizations and their staff have embraced the most significant working transition in history.

In fact, even as the office and travel begin to open up, there’s still a lot of uncertainty about what the future holds. Of course, we do know that a distributed hybrid working model will be part of this future, as illustrated by research that found 58% of U.S. workers say they’ll remain remote on at least a part-time basis. But with recent McKinsey research finding that nearly 7-in-10 organizations haven’t created or communicated a plan for hybrid working, it’s clear that many organizations are still in the dark.

Indeed, with the post-COVID future of collaborative working drawing nearer and nearer, it’s time for enterprise and HR leaders to align their focus and ensure stability in the new workforce. And critical to this is their accountancy of three key drivers of success for this new era for work: the successful integration of third-party and bespoke tools; tools and infrastructure architected to support cross-team value streams; and the introduction of more visual collaboration tools and increased workflow automation.

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