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How companies reach the top and stay there: Sukhdeep Aurora

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From global retailers like Wal-Mart and behemoths like Microsoft, Apple and Samsung to start-ups like Swiggy, Pharmeasy and Bookmyshow – we can learn a lot from how today’s market leaders stay relevant.

Sukhdeep AuroraThe quest for leadership is, perhaps, one of the most deeply-ingrained human traits. In legal terms, corporates are entities or ‘individuals’ but more importantly, they are made up of people – and they work for other people. So, what is a good indicator of a company having reached ‘the top’?

Is domestic and even global market share a reliable metric – or perhaps capitalization, or market value a prudent indicator? Or is being considered the ‘best place to work’ a good yardstick? While there is no single benchmark, the quest for ‘reaching the top’ continues to drive companies and individuals.

Getting There

The above parameters are important to gauge a company’s progress on a time scale and in relation to its peers. However, paraphrasing Aamir Khan’s statement in the movie ‘3 Idiots’, ‘strive for excellence and success will follow’. For a company, ‘reaching the top’ is not a goal but a process and leadership is a by-product of sound focus, ethics and governance.

Really successful organizations (or individuals) never really seem to strive to reach the top. For them, success is incidental – excellence is the real focus.

Staying There

Attaining a leading position is an important accomplishment on any journey, be it of an individual or a company. However, ‘reaching the top’ also brings with it the responsibility to stay there.

The more attention is directed to your success story with the ease of information flow in today’s connected world, the more your competitors and new entrants will gear up to replicate your success story. If a company’s success story is the result of a certain business model, you can be certain that others will try to emulate it.

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