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How ‘Conversational AI’ will shape future workplace interactions

Source | | Avik Chanda | Gautham Tummala

It’s undeniable that the global pandemic outbreak has put the spotlight on the HR function, across organizations, expecting it to lead from the front, by providing solutions for a dynamically shifting workplace. Truisms such as this, however, need to be unpacked in terms of tangible problem-and-solution scenarios, to make any real difference on the ground.A case in point, where cutting-edge technologies combine with HR work practices – to save time, enhance data accuracy, improve employee experience, and sharpen the focus of executive decision-making – is the emergent domain known as “Conversational AI for HR”.

First, let’s demystify this term. In a pre-pandemic, work-from-office paradigm, employees would typically walk over to the desk of their HR representative or make a call, to address their queries. On the face of it, such questions span a wide range: from compensation and benefits, to learning & development, policies and SOPs, compliance checks, and leave management, besides concerns and grievances. A closer scrutiny shows that a vast majority of questions and concerns fall into a predictable, finite set of transactions. And this in turn exposes a major lacuna of a traditional HR set-up.

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