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How CPA Australia and the CPA Program can act as a stepping stone for serving international clients

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When Mayur Panchal, founder and CEO of MultiQo Fintech Pvt Ltd, a Gandhinagar-based knowledge process outsourcing company, stumbled across the CPA Australia program in July 2020, he was sure it was what he needed to further his career prospects.

“The motivation to pursue the CPA Program was that as a chartered accountant, I could pass the CPA Australia examination by appearing for only one examination. Secondly, the CPA Australia designation was an internationally recognised degree, and I was looking forward to this opportunity to gain international credentials,” says Panchal.

Immediately after applying, Panchal, an experienced Chartered Accountant and insolvency professional, passed the exam on his first attempt and became a CPA before the year was over. Late last year, Panchal started a knowledge outsourcing company, MultiQo Fintech Pvt Ltd.

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