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How Custom Mobile Apps Benefit Businesses?

By | Michael Smith


In the past few years, we have seen that the usage of mobile applications around the world is increasing at a rapid speed. In 2020, there were more than 3.5 billion smartphone users globally, and around 1.4 billion smartphones were sold. As a result, we can see that the demand for mobile applications is increasing among big firms. Apart from providing goods and services to customers, business owners also use applications to boost their ROI in various ways.

The demand for mobile apps has exponentially increased in all businesses regardless of their sizes and industries. When we talk about user engagement and generating revenue, mobile applications are said to be more powerful and efficient. So if you are planning to build a mobile app for your business, make sure to hire dedicated developers from a top-notch software development company that tends to focus on or usually offers the best software development services – for example, web development, mobile development, product development, or fintech.

As we all know, nowadays every business has its own software which is a good thing. It is not easy to find a company that doesn’t have an application or a web app. In search of quick solutions, businesses manage to develop their apps with the help of off-the-shelf platforms. Unfortunately, several companies are disappointed, as ready-to-go platforms do not entirely match the business requirements. For such problems, there is an adequate solution widely used – custom app development.

In this post, we’re going to learn how custom mobile applications benefit businesses. But before we move ahead, and know what exactly custom mobile app development means. So without any further ado, let’s get started!

What is custom mobile app development?

Custom mobile application development is a process of application development. In this process, only some specified apps are developed that are tailored to your business requirements. Whether applications are fully customized or partially, it is still created to introduce the requirements of the specific audience rather than the entire group. Apart from this, custom mobile app development is also named as tailor-made software that provides various features and functionalities which are ready-to-go solutions.

We can say that a customized mobile application is developed to ease your task and perform the same in the existing IT solutions of a company. On the other hand, it is the contrary to ready-to-use mobile applications that are open to everyone.

Every business or company has its own workflows, conditions, requirements, groups, and targets. It leads to generic technology solutions that are not sufficient to overcome each company’s business issues. When such a situation occurs, building a customized mobile application becomes important for businesses to enhance the effectiveness of their customer satisfaction and various business operations.

You’ll be surprised to know that more than 85% of mobile and web applications available in the market are custom-based. However, very few of them provide ready-to-use functionalities that are integrated by third parties and these third-party integrations for CRMs, chats, administrative boards, and other functions.

How do custom mobile apps benefit businesses?

1. Build customer relationships

Now you must be wondering how a mobile application can build customer relationships, isn’t it? If so, then let’s clarify one thing, when you install an app on your mobile device, you can easily expose your customer’s sensitive information and use the same to build your app’s credibility as the users are now more active with your apps.

Whenever they access your application, they are updated with the latest information about your products and all the activities performed in your business to make your firm more trustworthy. Additionally, you can also offer coupons and discounts via mobile applications to attract your customers and improve your sales.

2. Personalized content

Users personally like to use highly tailored content on the software depending on their tastes and preferences. It’s like providing them with customized communication in their preferred language so that they can understand. Developing user-centric personalization is important to make a delightful experience. which is based on the user’s culture, interests, behaviors, location, etc. And having a mobile app by your side can help you to cater to personalized experiences.

Your mobile application allows all your users to determine and set their intentions at an early stage based on which the customized content is served. The application will track user engagement to provide them with more custom suggestions and filter updates in real-time.

3. Build a stronger brand

Communication and awareness are the two most important things that a mobile app provides to your brand. And the regular interaction with your audience, you are actually gaining trust.

Your audience must trust you, as it is more likely to listen to later sales pitches once trust is developed and they even commit to your brand. Using a customized application will allow you to illustrate your users and build trust amongst them to hold the brand. Similarly, distributing fridge magnets, random memorabilia, and calendars with your brand logo on them has served really well in the past as both assistance and advertisement, mobile applications strengthen your company brand and educate your clients.

4. Tailored experience

It is recommended that using Generation Z for personal experiences is not a nice-to-have luxury but a must-have necessity since Generation Z users are used to tailored shopping experiences from the top brands. Using features and functionalities similar to that of a smartphone then your mobile application becomes more adaptive to the user’s behavior and then you can see your business having double revenue by making your user experience according to the users’ requirements.

5. Offers high-end security

Security is one of the main factors to take into consideration while building an app. For every mobile app, following all the security practices is a must as there are threats that might occur in your mobile app. But you are not required to worry about that as developers can efficiently handle those threats without affecting your application, code, and local storage.

General mobile applications might not have specific security features which can put your sensitive business information at risk. But having a customized mobile app that is exclusively for your company can strengthen your data security system and prevent it from hackers. You have two options available by your side, you can either choose on-premises storage or the cloud for your mobile app or if it is an enterprise-level business, you can even determine various levels of authentication to control employee accessibility which is not possible with generic apps.

6. Real-time project access

For instance, if you are traveling and need access to all your work-related documents, this is where a customized mobile application is useful. If you have a customized application by your side then you can smoothly integrate your phone with your system and access all the required documents from any location. Apart from this, you can also retrieve brochures and contracts which are shareable with your customer using a customized business application.

7. Highly scalable

Generally, mobile applications are developed to process limited resources but it doesn’t need to remain the same. As your business grows, generalized applications might fail to manage bigger loads of data which is normal. Apart from general applications, this issue can also be resolved in custom application development as custom-made apps are developed keeping all the parameters in mind so that they can be scaled up whenever required.

8. More exposure

One of the best advantages of building a customized app is that it allows customers to make purchases even when they are on the go. This is a specific aspect of mCommerce and its main selling point is that your business can achieve anything as long as they are using a smartphone.

Using a mobile app you can send push notifications to your customers and allow them to use additional functions like podcasts, GPS, and QR codes. Through this, your consumers can notice your messages without getting stuck in their spam boxes.

9. Easy to maintain

If you are still using a general mobile app, you might be dependent on an unknown mobile application development team. Just imagine, if they tend to suspend the development process, you will be left without continuous development which is not a good sign. Having a customized mobile app will give you full control over the development process so that you are not required to worry about it and be dependent on others for anything.

If you use the regular application to perform routine business operations then you are risking your brand at the helm of an unknown mobile app development team. So make sure to have a customized app so that if a developer discontinues the app for any reason, you can get complete control without depending on others.

10. Branding and design

Unlike websites that depend on web browsers to support functions, mobile apps can be developed to support swipe gestures such as tap, double tap, drag, pinch, and much more to perform several tasks which increases user-friendliness. Despite this, you can also design your product according to your requirements or depending on the device that you are using and caching problems.

Every customized mobile app is developed according to a company’s branding and requirements which is no exception. And if you tend to change your brand, then there’s no better option than a mobile app. You can effectively change the appearance of your application by modifying colors and layout according to your preference and uniform it according to your vision as per users’ needs.

Final Thoughts

So that’s it for the blog. In closing, we would like to mention that the importance of customized mobile applications cannot be ignored. Here we have discussed several benefits that businesses gain if they have a customized mobile application. So make sure to have a custom mobile app for your business to stay on the safer side and tackle business challenges easily.

We hope you find this post useful. It would be great for us if you share this post on Facebook or Twitter to reach more audiences. If you still have any queries running in your head then do let us know in the comment section given below and we will get back to you soon. Till then, Happy reading!

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