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How Design Thinking Can Help You Ask the Right Questions (And Get the Right Answers)

Addressing the right problems and coming up with the right solutions requires implementation of design-thinking practices

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Remember when Amazon was just the world’s biggest bookseller? After broadening its products to include, well, everything and optimizing its fulfillment and delivery process in the late 1990s, Amazon became the world’s biggest retailer.

And you may not be aware that the longtime children’s plaything, Play-Doh, began its commercial life in the 1930s as an implement for removing coal residue from wallpaper. Another successful pivot, I’d say.

While some may say those evolutions were obvious, what is often overlooked is the detailed research, painstaking planning and nose-to-the-grindstone work behind the scenes that led to the decision and implementation of the pivot. In every case, these transformational changes could not be achieved without with asking all the right questions up front.

Asking the right questions requires building a diverse and highly competent team and employing one of the most vital techniques for managing any project: design thinking.

The power of the pivot

The design thinking concept has been a  staple for decades, but it has gained prominence in recent years as a powerful technique for organizations to deliver innovative solutions that please customers. It guides them to the truth quickly and hopefully faster than the competition.

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