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How Do Terrible Managers Keep Their Jobs?

Dear Liz,

I graduated from college in May 2015. I worked at my first job for 20 months. It would have been a good job, but my manager was horrible.

“Laura” yelled at us and criticized us constantly. During my third week on the job Laura got mad at me about something that was not my fault in any way, and she started yelling and cursing at me.

I saw her do the same thing to my colleagues at least twenty times in twenty months. I got the “Laura treatment” about three times myself.

Laura is not well. There is something seriously wrong with her but the managers above her ignore it.

After 20 months in my job I got a call from a recruiter and I interviewed for a better job in a much nicer company. That’s where I work now.

Laura’s direct supervisor is “Carol.” When I quit my job, I gave notice to Carol instead of Laura. I didn’t want to get screamed at by Laura when she heard I was leaving.

I walked into Carol’s office and told her that I had accepted a new job. Carol said “Be sure and tell Laura you’re leaving, too — she’s your manager, not me.”

I took the opportunity to tell Carol about Laura’s rage problem.

I said “I’m afraid to tell Laura I’m leaving,  because she has an anger problem. She’ll freak out and scream and curse at me. That’s why I gave notice to you instead of her. It’s been horrible working for Laura. She abuses her employees, including me.”

Carol just looked at me. She said “You’ll grow a thicker skin over time.”

I said “I’m not talking about tough coaching, but actual abuse that no one should have to tolerate from their boss. You can ask anyone in the department and they’ll tell you how abusive Laura is.”

Carol said “Every manager has their own style, so you’d better get used to it.”

In the end I never told Laura I was leaving. I guess someone else told her. She never said a word about it.

I couldn’t wait to get out of that office.

How do you explain this phenomenon, Liz?

Doesn’t Carol realize that keeping Laura in a management role is bad for the company?

Does she truly not care if one of her managers mistreats employees  the way Laura does?

How do terrible managers like Laura keep their jobs?

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