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How do we win in an uncertain world?

Source | LinkedIn | Aarif Aziz | CHRO

How is it like to work in this company? It is a question everyone asks before he or she considers a new job opportunity. Why is it that most of our questions are around “feel” of the organization? What is changing our context and our view of the world? Why perks, salary and benefits are no longer the most important factor in making career choices?

Digital disruption of business models

While culture has always been the fabric that held organizations together, it has now come to the fore against the backdrop of disruption businesses are facing. Earlier, large companies had distinct advantages that helped them dominate the business world– access to capital, strong distribution network and reputation – all of which helped them win consumer confidence and loyalty. They also created significant entry barriers for new companies.

With the evolution of technology and convergence of digital and industrial world, talented entrepreneurs with bright ideas have easier access to capital. E-commerce has created newer channels to reach consumers and consumers are willing to experiment and engage with smaller companies.

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