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How Do You Create Great Data Exploration Dashboards To Democratize Analytics?

By | Bernard Marr

With all the data that’s created each day and the possibilities for making data-driven decisions in business, every company must have a way to present data to business users in a user-friendly and informative way.

In my experience, a lot of organizations get this wrong. In the pursuit of making data accessible to everyone, many organizations simply add a nice user interface on top of a huge data lake and consider the job done. Voila! They think this allows business users to find the data and analyze it in a self-serve environment.

In practice, I find that instead of empowering business users, this actually makes them feel threatened and overwhelmed. I often meet business users that don’t know exactly what data to use and how to use it.

You must do more than just provide decision-makers with access to data.

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