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How Do You Encourage Your Employees to Give Back to Society?

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Giving back to the communities is a central part of the Cadence culture. At Cadence, employees are encouraged to make a difference on behalf of the company, the customers, and the community. Through the Cadence Cares Program, employees can volunteer, follow their passions, and donate their time and money to help the local community.

The mission of Cadence’s community involvement programs is to positively impact the community by building relationships, inspiring philanthropy, and promoting goodwill both inside and outside the company.

The hallmark of the Cadence Cares Program is their global Volunteer Time Off (VTO) initiative, which enables employees around the world to take up to five business days of paid time off per calendar year to volunteer their time and talents to assist others in their community. Employees are encouraged to use this program to give back in any way they choose, be it helping out at a school, a charitable institution, or lending a hand when disaster strikes.

The organization takes a high-trust approach with this program, allowing managers to use their discretion in approving time off and not mandating any formal proof of volunteer participation.

To assist the process, Cadence Cares has a Volunteer Connection Portal, which serves as the central location to learn about volunteer opportunities by region, track service hours, form teams to volunteer together, and add new charitable organizations to the database. The portal highlights local volunteer opportunities that can be explored by employees, including opportunities to volunteer at local schools and a variety of nonprofit organizations. The portal also spotlights the inspiring volunteer work by Cadence employees around the globe.

Employees also track their volunteer hours and receive rewards for reaching service milestones of 25, 50, and 100 hours. This enables employees to learn about the impact that they and their co-workers are having through their volunteer efforts.

Here’s one employee’s take on their culture of giving back, “I think the VTO program does Cadence a great credit. Having both my wife and myself working hi-tech jobs and having 2 kids to bring up, it’s great to see Cadence taking steps to help with the overall social side of living and working. Being able to volunteer time to help with schools and other charitable causes is awesome!”

Since the portal launched in June 2013, employees at Cadence have supported over 550 different organizations in the past 2 years. These numbers are beyond a doubt a testament to the commitment of people within the organization.

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