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How do you feel when you walk into a place for the first time?

By| Susmita Basak | PGDM Student in IFIM Business School

The way you feel is an effect of observation. When you construct your reality and understanding of a place, event or situation you do it through mere observation and association of past experiences.

You may have tremendous potential but because of the way others perceive you, the way other people look at your values, think, and talk about them, you possibly lose a chance to use that potential.

Let’s deep dive into the understanding of what is personal branding and image that helps you in establishing a fine line of difference from others and sets you up for being successful.

Personal Brand represents a promise that you make and are known for keeping to the person whom you are asking or trying to influence. It is basically an intersection of perception and reality.

Human beings decide emotionally and justify logically. If you can establish a good personal brand people are willing to pay you more and argue less for your product and service.

Brand mostly are built around your values most likely what do one represents. Quality, excellence, responsiveness, teamwork, innovation, leadership. The principle of integrity forms the base of your personal brand.

Psychologists say that each one of us influences at least 68 thousand people in our lifetime and over 95% of it is not conscious.

There are certain rules to abide by when thinking on these lines :

1.    Embrace your identity, adversity, diversity, and yourself.

The differences, flaws need to be overcome by working upon them. Turn liability into an opportunity. Develop the motivation and passion for your own career interest.

2.    Create value and good content for your network

Have a reason to speak. Work with the intention to create impact and value for others. Then only your ideas and ideologies will be valued.

3.    Don’t just form relationships but grow them.

Relationships are about depth more than width. The numbers don’t determine anything until you leave a personal touch in everyone you meet. Don’t be transactional in outreach. More of reaching out to people for advice rather than favor is important. Engagement is vitally important and creating value out of it. 50-30-20 approach can be used where the 50% of time should be spent with Leaders you aspire to be, 30% of your time should be spent with the peers, colleagues, managers you are presently engaging within your career. And 20% of your time should be involved in imparting or sharing your own values towards the people in need.

Indeed, there is no particular manual or guide in building a career or your personal brand. Personal branding is mainly the representation of the best of oneself which includes your flaws, triumph, challenges, and also successes.

In the words of Abhijit Bhaduri, ”Your Personal Brand is your Insurance Policy”, without a strong personal brand, the applicant is just another resume in the pile. 

Originally published by Susmita in her LinkedIn post

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