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How do you Measure Employee Experience?

Source | | Manpreet Randhawa

Long before the onset of the pandemic in early 2020, organisations preached a people-centric approach to business. Nevertheless, the impact of Covid-19 accelerated a demonstrable commitment to this goal.  71% of respondents in our upcoming research, due to be published later this summer, agree or strongly agree that their organisation has become more people-focused since the start of the pandemic.

71% of respondents in our research survey agree or strongly agree that their organisation has become more people-focused since the start of the pandemic

Our research suggests that leaders aren’t just talking the talk but walking the walk too. Business leaders are showing more interest, as well as actively investing more in EX.

There is, however, a potential risk that business leader interest could wane after the pandemic subsides, as over a quarter of respondents agree that an increased interest in EX is short-lived. 

EX leaders find themselves in a crucial performance window. Employees expect their experience at work to be constantly improving. Executive stakeholders need to see quantified impact against their specific business or functional objectives. CEOs and Boards want evidence of progress quickly as proof that investments are yielding.

To see quantified impact, and evidence of this improving experience at work, it’s vital to be able to measure the customer experience of HR.

In our bitesized learning video taken from our online course Creating a Digital HR Foundation we examine how you can measure the customer experience of HR and create meaningful data on the employee and manager experience of the HR function. Watch the video below to learn more.

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So how do we measure the customer experience of HR?

Customer Satisfaction (CSAT)

In a fantastic article in the Journal of Marketing, Lemon and Verhoef note that it is useful to compare customer experience with other customer focused constructs, such as CSAT. They suggest that CSAT is a key component of the customer experience construct, reflecting the customer’s cognitive evaluation of the experience.

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