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How Does Solar Energy Affect the Construction Industry

By | Megan

The solar energy industry has never been more popular, with no sign of it slowing down. This rise has had an impact on several segments of society, including the construction industry. The rise of solar energy has led to a growth in construction projects around the country. Solar and alternative energy companies are partnering with construction contractors on large and small-scale builds. The more solar gains in popularity, the more the construction will have to evolve and develop. Construction contracting businesses will need to run as efficiently as possible so that they can grow in lock-step with the solar industry. The connection between the two will continue to grow as time goes on. 

The purchase and installation of solar panels have been the driving force of the solar industry. As climate change has become more of a clear and impending danger to the earth, home and building owners have been installing panels to do their part by lessening their environmental footprint. It’s also an economic driver. Over the past ten years, the number of people working in the solar industry has more than doubled. 

Advancements in technology are a big reason why solar demand has been rising as well. Panels are now cheaper to produce and have even gotten more efficient so more home and business owners can afford to purchase them. There are also tax incentives available through the government to entice people to use renewable energy.  In fact, the solar tax credit has been a major factor in growing the solar industry.  Once an individual installs a solar panel system, they can then claim the tax credit on their tax return. These types of tax credits can significantly decrease the overall price of certain renewable energy installations—especially those that utilize solar power.

These, combined with the threats to the environment posed by electrical and gas power, have driven growth. 

How is Solar Power a Part of Sustainable Building?

Solar energy is a major component of sustainable and green building. Environmentally-friendly construction techniques are starting to become normal and commonplace. There are four main categories of green building. Passive building design refers to installing components that protect the building from the elements. This includes eco-friendly insulation and windows. 

There is also a priority on using low-energy building materials. These are materials that are made from recycled materials and can be recycled when they are replaced. Energy-efficient equipment is a big part of green building as well. This means using high-efficiency power tools and other equipment. Solar is counted as a renewable energy technology. It collects energy, stores it, then distributes it when needed. If you’re interested to find out more about home builders visit Carlisle Homes.

The Benefits for the Construction Industry

The connection between the construction industry and the solar energy industry provides mutual benefits. For example, the more popular solar power gets, the more opportunities for projects and business construction companies get. Solar panels must be installed by professionals, and construction companies can hire those professionals to their teams so that they can offer that service to their clients. Solar can be installed on any building, as long as it has exposure to sunlight. 

Having a solar panel installer allows construction companies to do more jobs, such as large projects like schools and government buildings. Other than hiring someone to the team, there is very little they need to do. There is no need for additional infrastructure for the business, and they don’t even need to alter their roofing insurance or other administrative costs. 

The Benefits for the Solar Industry

There are benefits for the solar industry as well. The more projects out there that incorporate solar construction, the more affordable and accessible solar becomes for producers. It also means that solar producers will have more access to installation professionals. The more installation professionals there are, the more competition there will be, which will lead to lower prices. 

The Future of Solar Energy and Construction Projects

As solar energy continues to boom, the construction industry will continue to evolve and adapt. Eco-friendly buildings and zero-emission construction are getting more popular all the time, which means that construction companies will have to provide these services if they want to compete. As more companies offer solar installation and more clients demand it, the lower the prices will go. This will only lead to more growth and more opportunities for both solar companies and construction companies. Many projections show that solar will experience a 300% increase in installations over the next decade. 

The solar industry is made up of scientists and manufacturers. As it develops, the construction industry will be an important part of its evolution and transformation. Construction companies may find themselves with much better profit margins. Solar scientists continue to come up with innovations, and will only have more incentive to do so as solar energy gets more popular. This will continue to lower costs even further and provide a boon for both solar and construction industries. 

How Construction Companies Can Be Ready for Future Growth

Whether a construction company is already servicing solar panel customers, or they haven’t started yet, the time is now to be fully prepared for the solar future to come. As the demand increases, construction companies need to make sure they have trained team members who can handle the job of installation and also of discussing options with clients. If a construction company can present themselves as an innovator and ahead of the local competition when it comes to solar installation they can find a great deal of success. 

Part of the preparation could also mean cleaning up any inefficiencies in operations. Solar has the potential to add growth quickly, which means that a company must be organized and prepared to scale up before the rush of orders comes in. Construction software would be a great help to keep a handle on the jobs being worked on and which ones are solar. Companies will also have to make sure that they are already staffed up so they don’t get left behind or have to decline work due to low staffing. 

Solar is a growing and evolving industry, between technological advances and the desire to be more ecologically friendly. Because solar panels have become so popular for new builds and remodels, the construction company has to evolve and grow right along with solar. Over the next few years, we will no doubt see further intertwining between both industries. 


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