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How Fairness At Work Affects Your Health

Source | FastCompany : By LISA RABASCA ROEPE

Employees’ perception of fairness at work can impact their health,according to a new study by the University of East Anglia in Norwich, England.

Researchers investigated how employees’ perceptions of workplace policies for rewards, pay, promotion, and assignments were impacting their health and found that employees who reported more fairness at work also reported better health. The findings suggest that employees who feel they are being treated fairly at work are more motivated and more likely to feel healthy.

When an employee feels that others are being treated better than they are, it puts stress on their health, says Tom Moran, CEO of the staffing agency Addison Group. The key, he says, is to make sure employees feel heard, even if they don’t get their preferred outcome.

We asked human resource and leadership experts to outline five ways companies can improve perceptions of fairness in the workplace.


Make sure your company has clear policies that specify what is in place for compensation, rewards, and bonus, says Richard S. Wellins, a senior vice president at Development Dimensions International, a global leadership consultancy. “The more secret you keep things, the more likely it is for an employee to feel the company is not playing fair,” he says.

Lay out clear steps for how to achieve a promotion or what skills are needed to be promoted, and have that information widely accessible on the intranet, says Lisa Walden, a generational expert at BridgeWorks, a generational consulting company.


The issue of unfairness will often play itself out in a discussion between a manager and an employee, where an employee feels he has not been heard and leaves with the perception that he wasn’t treated fairly, Wellins says. This is why it’s important for managers to make time for one-on-one, face-to-face conversations with their employees, he says, even if you don’t want to discuss why they didn’t get the promotion or raise they wanted.

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