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How friendly should a boss be with their employees?

By | Kaylee White

What kind of breakroom etiquette is appropriate when it comes to the foods we bring? And what’s the best way to handle a workplace romance? The Office might not be the first place you think to look when looking for ways to improve your company culture, but the workplace mockumentary offers a surprising number of helpful lessons.

After all, think about the way Holly helped Toby turn his positively cringeworthy exit interview around. It’s a great example of the importance of HR, which is something that’s easy for other teams in the company to forget. And there’s the way Michael stepped up to support his team by going to Pam’s art show, Andy’s play, and Ryan’s business school class. Sure, he was doing it for extra credit, but the takeaway is that supporting your team members outside of work is an excellent example of good company culture. For more examples from your favorite show, look over this infographic and get ready for a laugh or two.



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