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How good are you at thinking about your thinking?

By | David Klaasen | Helping You Create Clarity, Inspire Your People & Drive Performance | Retain your best people | Changing Management Mindsets and Behaviour | Practical Behaviour Analytics

Today, I’d like to talk about developing ‘Mental Resilience’. The ability to bounce back emotionally. 

There are lots of different ways to build your mental resilience. But a really powerful way is to catch yourself when you fall into one of ‘The Nine Thinking Errors’.

‘Ignoring the Good’

When there are so many good things happening. We just ignore the good and focus on the bad or focus on what’s going wrong without acknowledging the good things that are happening in our life, or in the work that we’re doing.

‘Blowing Things Up’

Catastrophising and making a huge issue out of a small error. That can easily happen when we’re stressed. That everything becomes a huge big drama.

‘Fortune Telling’

Beware of ‘Fortune Telling’, thinking that something’s going to happen in the future and that it’s going to be bad in some way. Because you think that way then you think, “oh that’s going to happen”. When in fact it might not at all. And in fact, if you can relax and stay creative, you can maybe avert some things, some bad things, happening.

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