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How Google And Twitter Train Their Employees To Be More Mindful

Source | FastCompany : By LEAH LAMB

Leaders at some of the largest tech companies are trying to fix the biggest problem of the century: not enough time in the day.

They aren’t fixing the situation with an app or a new productivity system, but by bringing the ancient practice of mindfulness into the workplace. When Twitter cofounder Evan Williams started Medium, he placed a room in the middle of the office where yoga and meditation could be practiced, and brought in Will Kabat-Zinn to offer mindfulness and meditation classes several times a week. Google launched the ever popular Search Inside Yourself course about emotional intelligence, Asana offers employees private yoga classes, and corporations that range from Starbucks to Aetna are integrating mindfulness into the workday in one way or another.

According to Soren Gordhamer, founder of Wisdom 2.0, an annual technology and mindfulness conference, the movement is coming from the need to manage the flood of information that is now a part of daily life. “There is a longing for a more spacious, quality existence, both inside and outside of work. The next-generation company and employee is looking for quality of life,” he says. “We are in the middle of a culture shift; we are no longer interested in just getting through our workday and striving toward relief at the end of our careers. It’s about more quality and connection within the work-life continuum.”

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