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<p>Smita Chaudhry, Associate Professor, Department of Human Resources, FLAME University</p>
Smita Chaudhry, Associate Professor, Department of Human Resources, FLAME University

By Dr Smita Chaudhry

The Covid-19 pandemic has created immense disruption in the way employees perform their job. One of the most drastic changes in the work environment has been remote working, and thus reduced face-to-face interaction amongst employees, and with customers. Such changes have created challenges for employee satisfaction, job engagement, individual productivity, inter-personal bonding, collaborative work, competency development and customer relationship management. To deal with such challenges, top management along with the HR department have been introducing several initiatives in the form of new policies and practices. Though results have been encouraging in certain cases, there are always some lingering doubts: Are the initiatives really effective? Can we do something differently? Should we do something more? One way to address these questions is through research.

What is research?

Research is a scientific method for finding ways to deal with real-life challenges using factual data, established theories, and statistical tools. It can help explore (understand the why) as well as examine (understand the how) an issue, by investigating its relationship with different factors. It can thus help identify the optimal process through which the challenge can be managed. Research can be done using both quantitative and qualitative…

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