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How HR Drives Transformation and Org Design at Mars

Source | LinkedIn | David Green | People Analytics leader | Director, Insight222 & | Conference speaker | Host, Digital HR Leaders Podcast

Three ingredients in how HR can help drive a successful transformation:

Effective sponsorship, the ability to access and visualise data and designing the right operating model – all wrapped up in great change management

HR has a pivotal role to play in successful business transformations particularly with regards to organisational design, culture and people strategy. Get these elements right and your transformation is likely to be on the right road. However, given that 70% of transformations fail, this is a tricky task to do this well.

On this week’s podcast, we are joined by Julie Digby who has led several successful integrations and transformations at Mars, including a two-year project which saw a merger of Mars and Wrigley. What struck me most from our conversation is the key triumvirate Mars forms for successful transformation, comprised of Finance, HR, and the President of the Mars business involved – echoes of McKinsey’s G3 there.

You can listen to the whole podcast by clicking on the image below or by visiting the podcast website here.

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In our conversation, Julie and I discuss:

  • How HR is organised and partners with the business in Mars
  • The specific role HR plays in transformation projects, particularly in relation to organisational design, culture and change management
  • The role that technology and data plays in supporting, enabling and speeding up transformation work

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