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  • A story starts in an order of a problem statement, challenge, effort taken, and resolution. Most companies sometimes get this wrong when they don’t define the problem and the challenge correctly. The stronger the problem is defined, the stronger its resolution and the more powerful the story.
  • It is always advisable to end the presentation on an optimistic note, preferably with a positive anecdote, image, or cartoon strip. Because no matter how difficult the meeting has been, if you can end on the right note, more often than not, it will be fine.
  • Ideally, a human brain cannot digest more than ten slides. Make sure that your presentation doesn’t exceed ten slides. If you want to add more details, add those in the appendix.

<p>Sandeep Das, Author, How Business Storytelling Works</p>
Sandeep Das, Author, How Business Storytelling Works

I will tell you a story…

Now, you are eager to know the story, right?!

That’s what stories do! Stories fuel your imagination and curiosity. Even our life is all about making stories that can be told later. Even work is also a part of life and stories do sell at workplaces as well.

Business is more fiction than just numbers. Every business is a story of people who give…

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