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How Hybrid Work Makes Life Easier for Teams Amid Pressures of Performance

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Businesses are constantly looking for ways to increase their productivity. Finding the right balance between honoring the employee’s needs and achieving results remains a much-desired goal. How do employers decide which work model will get the best out of their talents?

Remote Work

Before COVID-19, leaders were skeptical of allowing remote work. Teams have collaborated in person with each other as being in the office was considered the most productive place to get everything done. When the pandemic happened, the traditional style of how companies conducted their business shifted drastically.

As more workers are prioritizing work-life balance, the idea of freedom to work from anywhere has proved its value for both parties. Working from home has made an impact on improving performance in the workforce. Employees feel they have more say over their schedule, which can be an excellent indicator to boost their overall motivation.       

The Benefits of Working Remotely

  • Flexibility
  • More autonomy 
  • No commute time
  • Reduced costs for companies

Sid Sijbrandij, CEO of GitLab, said: “Remote forces you to do the things you should be doing any way earlier and better.”

How Hybrid Wor Makes Life Easier for Teams Amid Pressures of Performance

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What does “Hybrid” mean?

As COVID-19 restrictions began to lift, everyone focused on preparing a strategic plan for returning to the physical workplace. Many organizations decided to try a hybrid work model. They combined “office + remote” to accommodate their employee’s preferences and get the best of both worlds. 

In a study by Vodafone, 75% of businesses implementing the concept of flexible working. have witnessed a high-performance level from their staff. In March 2021, Microsoft declared, “The future of work is here, and it’s hybrid.” 

There are several hybrid structures to optimize your organization and offer the potential for greater productivity.

Hybrid Work Model Structures

  • Remote-First
  • Office-Occasional
  • Office-First, Remote Allowed

Remote-first will look different for each company. Still, the primary purpose is that the organization should act fully remote with employees spread out across time zones and make online communication part of the daily routine. One of the best examples of remote-first implementation is Dropbox, which makes its staff come to the office only when necessary for their role or job requirement.

If you choose the office-occasional hybrid work model, an office will be a place for collaboration and individual work. Depending on the organization, employees will come to the office on specific days or at least one day a week of their choice. This model allows them to collaborate face-to-face with colleagues and to attend important in-person meetings.

The “Office-First, Remote Allowed” organization model is office-based, and employees have to come to the office most of the time while allowing them to work from home only for a small fraction of their working time. Employers who chose this model believe physical distance among their staff can become a barrier to successful teamwork. 

As there are many advantages to these methods, some difficulties may arise. 

The Pros and Cons of a Hybrid Workplace

Making a hybrid model work to your organization’s benefit can be challenging as it requires careful consideration from every angle. What efficiently works for one corporation may not work for the others. Furthermore, the same model may not be suitable for businesses in the same industry due to their different work intensity and project requirements. 

According to a January 2022 survey from Envoy,  63% of employees say flexibility and power to choose which days to come in, will give them more autonomy. As a result, business leaders have noticed an increase in their performance statistics and got positive feedback from their staff members.

Renting office spaces

Looking for the right space for your hybrid team that best fit your company’s culture is not an easy hunt. Choosing the most suitable office space for your team is crucial to making work run smoothly and improving productivity. 

Luckily, some great options like office spaces in Nashville will offer your organization modern interiors and top-notch infrastructure. According to Coworking Mag, Nashville is known for many famous and high-quality brands with unique office spaces for productivtiy. These shared office spaces are fully equipped and serviced, with a lot of other perks. 

These areas are fully customizable for teams of all sizes and provide you with everything you need to push your business forward.

In today’s industries, companies must meet the needs of their employees to leverage better results from them and reach their ultimate purpose as successful businesses. 

Remember, teamwork makes your dream work.

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