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By |  Cassie Boorn |

This is a guest post by Cassie Boorn. She works with me at Quistic. That’s a photo of Cassie and her son. And here’s another guest post she wrote, before we started working together. 

A few years ago I targeted Penelope as someone I want to work with. Then I spent a lot of time and energy getting her to hire me. You can probably tell from reading this blog that Penelope would be a difficult boss. I work hard figuring out how to make her like working with me. This is called managing up. And these are rules for managing up that I’ve learned from working with Penelope:

1. Show how you can improve the bottom line.
When I’m first getting to know Penelope I tell her she could make money if she did an online course. She says no and it would be too much work.

It takes two months to convince her to do a course, one week to convince her to publish the course on her blog, and one hour for her to realize this was the best idea ever and she is going to make so much money.

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