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How I Overcame Failures To Become An INTERNATIONAL Businessman | Dheeraj Datta | Josh Talks

Source | YouTube | Josh Talks

Have you ever been told that you are a Failure and a Loser? Does the fear of failure stop you from taking that leap of faith to find success? Are you weak, unconfident and doubting yourself?

Dheeraj Datta, coming from a very humble background, always doubted his capabilities. He always lacked the motivation to try new things and thought that he would never find success. But his journey from failure to success taught him to never give up and he eventually took a leap of faith by joining a call center and participating in speaking events and joining the toastmasters club, after which he became successful. Dheeraj, while narrating his life experiences, tells us how his ‘never give up attitude’ made him a successful international businessman today, and how one can become successful by following his life principles.

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