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How I Overcame Fear To Find Success | Rinku Sawhney | Josh Talks

Source | YouTube | Josh Talks

Been told that you are a loser ? You can never speak English ? You are considered a liability ? Here’s how Rinku turned her life around by conquering her fears. Rinku Sawhney is a life coach and motivational speakers changing the lives of hundreds of people through public speaking and motivational speeches. But the stage of public speaking was not given to her from the beginning. In her very childhood, she was told that she could not speak English and would never get success in public speaking. Coming from a middle-class background where the family wants their children to get good schooling and learn good English, she became a subject of ridicule during a class recitation and hence developed stage fear or stage fright. After completion of her engineering, she took up a job but her fears never left her and she also developed anxiety. But then one fine day, she decided that she wouldn’t let her fears overpower her and will overcome the fears of all norms.

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