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How Improving Customer Service Techniques Can Increase Sales

By | Amy Sloane | Freelance Writer

Customer satisfaction should be the first step to success in any business and even more so in a customer service-focused company like yours. Why? Because a successful business has satisfied customers. 

To begin with, customer satisfaction should be defined on an individual, per-organization basis. What does satisfaction look like for you? Do you prefer to strive for satisfied customers that never complain, or do you aim to exceed expectations and deliver higher-quality products to customers? You must understand that every customer is unique and that each customer’s expectations vary depending on what their needs are, and what they value.

Conduct Customer-Based Research

For example, a successful business may focus on meeting their customers’ needs for the service they need. This may involve meeting with clients to discuss issues of importance. Or the company may meet with clients/customers in order to design new services for them.

The goal here is to provide high-quality customer service. A more personal approach to customer satisfaction is always a good idea because you will be able to reach out to your customers, and their preferences and needs, more easily and efficiently than if you were dealing with just a generic “customer experience solutions” department at your company. And your personal touch will reflect on your company’s reputation and image.

Customer satisfaction cannot be measured on a purely financial basis, and it can’t be measured by the results of one particular survey. Instead, customer satisfaction must be measured from the customer’s point of view, and how the company is serving that customer. In this way, customer service excellence is directly translated into long-term business success.

Use Empathy

Customers need to feel that their problems are being handled seriously by the business. One example of better customer service is training their staff on empathy and listening. 

In order to empathize with the customer use the feel, felt, and found technique. Feel: Empathize with how the customer feels in that moment, and let them know that you understand. Felt: Explain that you, too, once felt that way in the past. Found: Tell the customer how you found that your concern was actually incorrect. 

Listening is a great way to learn. Keep your ears open, and you never know what vital information you may glean. Maybe it will prove the difference between solving, or not solving the problem. If you don’t listen, you’ll never get to the bottom of things.

Respond In a Timely Manner

Offer a timely and quick response to all kinds of queries. This way you maintain your credibility with your clients and help them build a strong and lasting relationship with you. You should offer to answer any questions that your clients may have. 

Even if you don’t understand the issue at all, or if they don’t fully understand your answer, you still need to provide the necessary assistance or answers that are necessary in order to resolve the problem. If you don’t solve the problem in a timely manner, then your client may not come back to you. So, always try to deliver a timely and quick response to any queries that your customers might have.

The best customer support will be available for your customers, no matter where they live. They are willing to answer questions or help with technical issues, and who always work hard to make sure that the customer is happy.

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