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How Indian corporates are embracing online assessments?

The growing need for quality talent becomes a challenge for Indian industry

Source | | ET Spotlight

Technology development is shifting and significantly altering how test takers are evaluated. Move over educational institutions because even the corporate sector is aggressively looking for solutions that empowers them with data on talent management.

Due to its efficiency and superior results, online assessment tools continue to be an alternative for both academia and organizations as they provide easy and hassle-free evaluation of learners. It’s a module that can efficiently elevate the learning scalability and interest for performances, hence making this kind of evaluation process more and more popular.

What is Online Assessment?

In very simple terms, online assessment is an evaluation of a person’s skills, behaviors, and/or traits carried out online utilizing current web technologies. While companies use it to screen applicants and internal employees to identify the right skills for a job role, academia uses it to evaluate students with regard to their education curriculum.

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