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How India’s Top Career Women Find Happiness

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Career women in India are defining happiness on their own terms. What does an entrepreneur, an author, and a C-suite executive have in common? These women have followed their dreams, overcome feelings of guilt and self-doubt, and leaned on supportive spouses, colleagues, family, and friends to build fulfilling careers. And, they all share one common trait: they cannot imagine their lives without a career.

Today, there is a new development emerging among Indian women in the workforce. Having a job is important to them, but it is equally important to a build a meaningful career. Aparna Vedapuri Singh, Founder of Women’s Web, says “Our mothers were different and opportunities were not available to them. Women had jobs, not careers. Now, many women want careers.” Singh further explains, “Indian women feel ambitious about their careers and expect to have careers as successful as their husbands.” For these women, happiness is rooted in being valued for the work that they do as well as their ability to give back to society.

In fact, women aspire to have thriving careers because it gives them a strong sense of identity. Vaishali Kasture, Former Managing Director at Goldman Sachs and now a Partner at Deloitte Consulting, says she wanted to work because it meant having an identity of her own. Kasture believes women should ask themselves, “What do I want to do with my life?” For her, being more than a mother is important because it represents a life well-lived, and she wants to carve out a name for herself. Kasture says, “I want to live a wholesome life and without any regrets.” She wants to try new things and maybe fail in the process, but doesn’t want to be afraid of trying. Kasture adds, “during your career, life won’t be perfect, but both you and your spouse signed up to have careers and support each other.” Thus, a husband should have an equally supportive role in his wife’s career.

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