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How Introverts Can Set Boundaries With Overly Chatty Coworkers

By | Suzi Swartz |

Introverts prefer to work quietly alone – and overly chatty coworkers can drain their energy and make it hard to focus.

The thing about being labeled a “good” listener — or at least being recognized as a quiet person who doesn’t talk much — is that it opens the door for others to fill the silence. “Others” meaning coworkers or people in our personal lives. 

But, well… introverts like silence. A lot. (Or, in my case, the music coming from my AirPods while I’m trying to focus.) When we’re trying to get work done, sometimes we need space — and minimal chatter — to put our best foot forward. 

Susan Cain’s groundbreaking book about introversion, Quiet, is aptly subtitled, The Power of Introverts in a World that Can’t Stop Talking. 

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