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How is AI Changing the HR Analytics Landscape?

By | Jasmine Panayide |

Are you reading this article on your phone, tablet, or computer? If so, you probably only think about AI – artificial intelligence – being a part of your everyday life. AI is changing virtually every aspect of our lives, from how we communicate to how we shop, travel and more. We ask Alexa to play our favourite songs or Google to search for the answer to a question and AI powers these technologies.

And its adoption in the corporate world is no exception, as McKinsey research highlights that 58% of the businesses surveyed confirmed using AI for at least one function in the workplace.

One key area where AI has significantly impacted is HR analytics, helping businesses to more effectively manage their human resources and better understand employee needs and preferences. Artificial Intelligence in human resource management allows companies to collect and analyze large amounts of data related to employee performance, engagement levels, and company culture, allowing them to identify areas where they can improve and make data-driven decisions about managing their workforce.

How Does AI Impact HR? 

Through AI-enabled tools such as predictive analytics software and machine learning algorithms, companies can uncover insights about their employees that they would otherwise not have been able to access. This allows HR teams to make more informed decisions about managing their workforce. Here are just some ways that artificial intelligence supports the human resource management function:

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