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How leaders can enhance employee skills and make them future-ready

To upskill employees, it is crucial to create a learning process that is easy, dynamic and accessible for all, writes Samujjwal Ghosh, Director - Brand & Marketing, Xanadu Realty

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The world has already seen what a pandemic can do to humanity and businesses. Switching to remote working overnight is a testimony. No matter how challenging it was, a major part of the global workforce had to accept and adjust to it. One of the best solutions for organizations to emerge stronger from the crisis is reskilling and upskilling workforces. This will make them future-ready to face and address any such challenges while maintaining work-life balance. But the question is how can leaders ensure this?

Here’s looking at some of the ways to make this possible:

Create the right opportunities

In the post-COVID world, the internet is brimming with educators and trainers that are either offering online learning courses or hosting webinars and workshops. However, before choosing one, it is essential to research thoroughly and seek the best platforms that have an unmatched history of driving engagement, collaboration and real-time learning.

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