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How Leadership Self-Efficacy Can Make or Break a Leader (And What to Do About It)

Source | LinkedIn | Caitlin McLysaght, M.A. | Doctoral Student at Roosevelt University Studying I/O Psychology

Phil was ready to be a manager. Or at least that’s what his boss had decided. He was a hard worker with advanced technical skills, and his critical reasoning scores were off the charts. Those who worked with him liked him: he was personable and friendly, yet firm and decisive. Phil was excelling in his current role, so the logical next step would be promoting him to a position of leadership, right?

Phil’s boss excitedly broke the news to him and, though Phil lightly protested, saying he didn’t feel he was qualified for a leadership position, his boss assumed he was just being modest. His performance spoke for itself: he was ready.

Fast forward six months. Phil is completely overwhelmed. His pleasant demeanor has soured considerably and his new team has a hard time accepting his authority due to his lack of direction. Phil is discouraged, his team is discouraged, and his former boss is left wondering where he went wrong with such a promising employee and wishing he had been able to see this coming. Why was such a talented individual failing?

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