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How long is too long in the same job…..!!

Source | LinkedIn : By Priya Marwah

How long is too long in the same job….. I get this question asked by several of my candidates these days .

While job hopping is not considered a great thing in one’s career , nor is ” Job Clinging” ,something that is taken today in a very positive manner . Gone are the days when it had a positive thinking attached , for someone who has been in his job for 10,15 or maybe 20 years of their lives in one company.

Some people call it being loyal and comfort zone . While being loyal to your current employer is good thing . However not being loyal to your own professional goals is not . One has to remember that this is a purely transactional relationship between an employer and an employee . You get paid for the work and effort that you put for a job . But staying in one company too long actually leaves you completely blank to what is happening in the world outside .Please remember it is not a marriage ….till death do us apart like thing !

New companies and start up firms are looking for people who can survive the chaos . By working in one company for too long , you may be the best for the current company , but leaves you completely ill equipped to handle the fast growing world outside .Secondly you lose out big time at least by two years of salary that you might have got, had you taken the risk of moving out .

Job Clingers as you say , become less risky for their employers and lot of tim e taken for granted. If people are not growing within the organization , they should leave because this would definitely be a question asked in your next interview and interviewers will definitely question the fact that will you be able to transition smoothly into their company culture and also that your skills may be be a little outdated compared to their own company culture .

I personally feel that it’s important to move on after 5-6 years if you are not growing in your current organization . You may be holding on to your job for whatever reasons but do remember that companies change , organizations change , structures change and so do bosses and if you continue the way you are soon , will come a time like any product life cycle ,you would reach a plateau and a stagnation level and then the downfall will start. So welcome a change in job after a few years for your own personal growth and goals !

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