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How Mark Zuckerberg keeps Facebook’s 18,000+ employees innovating: ‘Is this going to destroy the company? If not, let them test it.’

Source | | Catherine Clifford

Facebook has a current market capitalization of $440 billion and 18,770 employees (as of March 31). But to maintain its dominance, the tech giant has to aggressively innovate, hacker style.

Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg has built a company culture that encourages risk-taking, allowing his engineers to constantly try new software builds.

“I figure out what the high-level directions I think we should go in are, who are the best people to work on those things, but then on a day-to-day basis, a lot of the decisions I am making are, ‘Okay, is this going to destroy the company? Because if not, then let them test it,’” says Zuckerberg, on Reid Hoffman’s Masters of Scale podcast.

“If the cost of the test isn’t going to be super high, then in general, we are going to learn a lot more by experimenting and letting the teams go and explore the things that are worth exploring than by having a heavy hand in that,” he explains.

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