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How McKesson uses ONA to identify what drives high-performance in sales

Source | LinkedIn | David Green | People Analytics leader | Director, Insight222 & | Conference speaker | Host, Digital HR Leaders Podcast

One of the key findings for us is that, Organisational Network Analysis can predict business outcomes

One of the fastest growing areas of people analytics – and one that garners much interest from practitioners – is Organisational Network Analysis (ONA), which can provide a new lens on how work really gets done in a company.

Indeed, given that the most read article I’ve published in the last two years is The role of Organisational Network Analysis in People Analytics, it’s safe to say that ONA is one of the hottest tickets in town.

A challenge for people analytics leaders in using ONA can be in identifying the right use case or business problem (remember start with the business problem, not the data or the tool). As such, I know that this week’s episode of the Digital HR Leaders Podcast with RJ Milnor will prove invaluable.

In the episode, RJ shares a use case that saw McKesson partnering with relationship analytics technology company TrustSphere to investigate the network behaviours of high-performing salespeople and managers – the findings are illuminating (see example in FIG 1 below).

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FIG 1: How High-Performing Sales Teams Work – Top sales people build relationships differently (Source: RJ Milnor, presentation at UNLEASH America)

I’ve known RJ for a few years, and he is one of the most impressive and business-focused people analytics leaders I’ve met. As well as McKesson, RJ has held leadership roles at the likes of Chevron, Equifax and Citrix and he recently moved back to the San Francisco Bay area to take on a new role as Head of People Analytics at Uber.

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