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How modern Applicant tracking software helps the recruiting process

By | Sharad Bhardwaj

Businesses need new people to handle their work. We are talking about major talent acquisition for companies. Generally, all major companies opt for recruitment software to help them with all the hiring work. Software like Application Tracking software for businesses helps to curate the kind of candidates that are required. Application tracking software helps to ease the entire process of hiring the right recruits and managing some of the pain points of hiring activities.

Let us go through some of the important aspects of recruitment, that the Application tracking software eases out:

  • Reducing the overhead administrative task time

Saves a whole lot of time where you have to publish your recruitment requirements in every single platform. All you have to do is update it in the applicant tracking software and the software ensures that it gets published everywhere. The benefit is that you save the time of duplication and you can focus on more activities.

  • Easier, better and faster CV screening

For every open position you get many applications and around 4-5 are the ones that make it to the interview rounds. You don’t have to manually go through every CV. The recruitment software screens all the CVs and based upon parameters like qualifications, experience, and field speciality and shortlists the closest candidate to the job. AI-based hiring gives you better hiring insight.

  • Collaborative Hiring is facilitated

Candidate experience and interview pointers can be updated on the online recruitment software. There are other recruiters too, who can benefit from your updates. Sharing on ‘notes’ on candidate experience becomes important for other people who are looking to hire and enable a collective decision-making process. In this, every recruiter has a say.

  • Hiring Quality improves

There are many free and open-source ATS for businesses available in the market. The only motto for having such software is to improve the quality of hire. Because AI is involved, the shortlisting of candidates goes through extreme scrutiny. Also, the recruiters can engage with candidates and gather more information which they can add to the software. This helps the organization to have a deliberation before making a decision. You can consult from other head-hunters and you get the best candidates in the applicant pool.

  • Speeding up the cycle

Since all the information regarding all candidates is available in the common information pool, the recruiters can have an eye on the entire bunch. Automated communication opens up the channel for discussion with candidates and pushes them to the next level of the hiring process. A quick overview is all that is needed. Overall, the application tracking system makes the task simpler and work moves easily.

  • Employer branding boosts

Not just about the candidates, even as an organization the complete experience of the candidates speaks for itself in the public. They are the ones who also give a review to the organization. Since the entire process is automated and the complete hiring process is seamless, the word spreads quickly. An efficiently maintained careers page on the website which is regularly updated also draws in good candidates. Candidates generally look for equally professional ventures, just like businesses lookout for candidates.

  • Candidate experience enhances

Candidate feedback of course also makes a huge impact on the business reputation. All the hired candidates are like the future ambassadors of the company. And so, the automated and easy recruitment process is all that it takes to make the complete candidate experience hassle-free. These unspoken pointers act as huge factors based on which candidates in the future might consider your business.

How to implement ATS System?

Once you have found an ATS system that suits all your recruitment needs, it becomes imperative that you implement one within your organization. However, there are certain prior steps to follow before you install the ATS system in your work environment.

Make sure you are absolutely sure of the ATS system. An unsuccessful application can lead to poor software adoption. The system that is supposed to be helping with recruitment will become a liability. Let’s see some essential pointers on how to implement ATS System:

  • Having a design approach to the recruiting process:

Always good to go for a software that has a mapping approach towards the entire process that you want to implement. However, it is always better to go for the software that also allows you to include innovations and modifications which may enhance your process. Implementation specialists will be able to give you clarity on how the change is an efficient choice and how your recruitment task becomes hassle-free.

Going for vendors who are interested and engaged in helping you with the new system and advice you with process improvements, ensure that you get the most out of the applicant tracking system that you are installing.

  • Ease of Collaboration and communication

While having a conversation with vendors, ask them about how they manage project communication, transparency, and accountability. If they are able to share profound knowledge regarding project team integration, timelines or deliverables; you will be able to consider the ATS for your organization.

Maximum integration and engagement from vendors’ end should be possible for robust work management.

  • Customer Support channels:

Once you have got the ATS integrated, your software is optimized so that you can reach your recruitment goals. You also get appropriate training for the people who are going to operate the system. This will give you an opportunity to reap maximum benefits out of the system.

Ensure that you gather as much information regarding post-implementation services, available resources and maintenance are provided. Inquiring on these factors will help you to gauge on the vendor quality.

Organizations across the world have opted for such free and open-source ATS for Business. This is making the entire process very much seamless with less inconvenience and more output. Since the entire process has become automated and the computer does most of the shortlisting work for people, recruiters are making the most of this. As an organization when you expand and are looking for more candidates who can take the business forward. You need to stick to the status quo, maintain the quality of the candidates, be closer with the kind of people coming to the organization and yield a better result.

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Sharad Bhardwaj is a content analyst at SoftwareSuggest. He has experience in content marketing and has expertise in Recruiting software & service. In leisure time he likes to rejuvenate through playing cricket and listening to music.

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