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How Online Assessment Platforms Are Being Adopted By Enterprises

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In 2019, over 80% of the Fortune 500 companies use Online assessment platforms. The primary value is derived at entry level hiring. But screening wasn’t always so easy. Till the early 2000s, the only HR Software used in organizations used to be a clunky ERP solutions that managed Payroll and Employee data.

Very few organizations seemed to care about validating skills. Even lesser went beyond the resume to understand cultural fit. The final call of recruiting an employee was based on the pedigree and performance during a personalized interview.

However, with the democratization of skills and a new generation entering the workforce, enterprises have been forced to deeply care about an unbiased recruitment process. More importantly, an opportunity to infuse a culture of constant learning and meritocracy.

It is here that organizations have begun to see Online Assessment Platforms as a solution for their recruitment bottlenecks. Since it may not be ideal to invite every applicant for an interview, online assessment platforms have been used as a screening method to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Conventional paper-based pre-hire tests have become a thing of past. Today over 76% of all organizations with 100 or more employees are partnering with a Professional Online Assessment Platform like Xobin. A killer recruitment strategy should embrace automation in the recruitment process, thereby improving the candidate experience, reducing the drop-off ratio and also increase the hiring velocity.

Here are top reasons why mid-market and enterprise size companies see a strong use case and proven ROI for a professional online assessment platform (and you should too!).

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