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How online learning can power lifelong learning goals

The online education market in India is predicted to grow by 19.9% between 2022 and 2027, with skill development and employment as the key factors driving growth. Online learning has become more prevalent since the pandemic encouraged remote working and studying. The proliferation of high-speed internet and smart mobile devices has created a seamless medium for interactive learning experiences

Source | | Riya Tandon, ET Online

Online learning or distance learning has exponentially evolved over the last few years. A lot of universities were offering distance learning programmes even before Covid-19 introduced us to a new normal of remote learning and working. However, the pandemic played a major role in accelerating the demand for online learning courses across nations. In addition, the incorporation of high-speed internet, ubiquitous adoption of digitisation and various government initiatives made it possible for educational platforms and universities to explore the potential of online learning.

Whether you are a student signing up for higher education or an employee looking to upskill, there is a wide range of growth-oriented options to choose from, such as short-term upskilling courses, diplomas, certificates and full-fledged online degree programmes.

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