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How Ordinary People Become Extraordinary | Dr. Sukhi Muker

Source | Youtube : TEDx Talks

Learning from poor life choices in his youth, Sukhi argues for new ways of framing and obtaining good health for maximum potential.

Dr. Sukhi Muker almost lost his life before he began a remarkable life changing journey from a world of crime, violence and drugs. Experiencing life from outside of the box he’s dedicated the past 23 years to studying health, healing and maximizing human potential.
He’s created a post-Newtonian health care paradigm that bridges science, spirituality and human potential, teaching people our innate design to live more radiant, purposeful and powerful lives. He’s a published author (Beyond Body Beyond Mind), global speaker and pushes his personal limits as a competitive ultra-endurance athlete. He lives and practices in West Vancouver and has his innovative Centre’s for Optimal Living in Canada, USA & Europe. His cutting-edge work has touched the lives of thousands of people worldwide.

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