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How organisation structure helped this startup scale its business, ETHRWorld |


  • BlackBuck, which became a unicorn in 2021, is an Indian trucking platform and a pioneer in bringing offline operations of trucking online.
  • Challenges: Building competencies – because a sales and technology organisation functions very differently from just a pure-play technology firm – and issues of quick scaling-up.
  • Fleet owners are not living in cities, but reside in villages of India, and are also largely not well-versed in technology to come on the platform on their own.
  • BlackBuck created a very large field sales team and simultaneously built various business categories.
  • The organisation structure was designed such that the business competencies, the ground sales, and the technology & the product enabling the whole process could be stitched together cohesively, without creating silos of each business.
  • The company gradually moved from a business-oriented organisation structure to a more functional organisation structure.
  • To build a very large workforce, the company followed a bottom-up planning approach, rather than step planning. It also took care to design multiple sales channels.
  • About 70 per cent of people hired at the organisation are through the employee reference model.
  • The biggest value an HR professional can add, besides understanding the business, is to understand the organisation structure- “If you are hiring someone, the first thing to keep in mind is to create a good career path for the…

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