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How Organizations are fighting to support Employees during COVID

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Considered to be one of the worst health emergencies ever faced by humanity, the ongoing COVID crisis has impacted millions of people globally. The second wave in 2021 has wrecked havoc in India, infecting millions of people, causing severe shortages of hospital beds, oxygen, medicines and other supplies, and resulting in thousands of deaths. In the midst of this healthcare nightmare and widespread panic, organizations are doing whatever they can to support employees during COVID.

Key Challenges being faced by Employees

1. Shortage of Medical Facilities

With nearly half a million people getting infected in India on a daily basis, there is a huge shortage of hospital beds, ICUs, oxygen, medicines, etc. Employees and their families are getting infected by COVID and are unable to get access to timely medical treatment.

2. Lack of Availability of Accurate Information

Employees are finding it extremely difficult to find a single accurate source of information about the availability of hospital beds, ICU facilities, oxygen and medical supplies. Plus they are also trying to grapple with entire process of prevention, testing, treatment, and recovery.

Affected employees and their families are running around to get the correct information, causing a lot of panic and distress and often resulting in delayed treatment, and sometimes even death of the patient.

3. Financial Impact

The costs of medical treatment especially in private facilities is significant. Employees who have been infected or whose family members have been infected, are often struggling with the financial implications of the treatment and recovery.

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